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The Seven Year Itch = Our Wedding Day

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On our seven year anniversary of meeting each other, we took vows to one another that we would be together until death do us part.

I tell you what though, It’s been a journey for us to get here. What do people say? “That supposed urge for infidelity after seven years of marriage” is the seven-year itch. We haven’t been married for seven years, but if you been through what we have it equates to about the same. I am happy to say this was the day we decided to say I do, year number seven. I’ll take it as a lucky number seven instead!

Relationships take work and dedication.

If you would have asked me seven years ago if I was going to marry this man, the answer would have been yes but did I actually think the day would get here, probably not.  I’m not sure I will go into all the details of our ups and downs on my blog, or in this post at all.

In this post, I smile and so does my heart when I look back at how far we have come that led us to this special day.  This was the day of my wedding, the day I took Ruben’s last name, the day we became one. In the last seven years, we went through sometime apart due to deployments, trainings and even fights.  But you know what, I truly believe all of it made us stronger and made our love grow fonder.

The man I met on November 17, 2010; is the man you see here waiting to turn around to look at me, his soon to be wife.

We did things a bit unconventional, we slept in the same bed the night before the wedding. But we did feel the same nerves and excitement any other bride and groom would have. All the planning and stress it was all for this one day. You can’t see it any of these pictures, but I think I was able to finally breathe after we said I do and walked out hand in hand as husband & wife.

Finalizing my vows

I was a DIY and budget focused bride for my wedding.  Living in New York is already expensive and having a wedding here (funded by myself and husband) you have to try to cut costs as much as you can.  And that I did, for our intimate wedding of 80 invited guests.

Of course, as a DIY bride, I wanted to be in control of everything because I planned this day, a little help from the husband and my bridesmaids. But I had a vision of what my day was supposed to look like.

Before the ceremony, we decided to take first look pictures. Our wedding was in November if we got lucky I thought it might not be too cold and we can catch the sunset. Boy, was I wrong! The wind chill that day was pretty brutal and we took pictures by Gantry State Plaza Park by the water. To my bridal party, thank you for toughing it out, especially to the groomsmen they were waiting for us to arrive quite some time. (sorry!) But the photos were worth it!


The Bridal Squad.

I learned a lot from this very special day, from the planning, the support and not so much support plus everything that comes in between. There were times that I wanted to cry, to scream and yell, to even tell people to go fuck themselves. But, hey that’s what happens when you are planning a DIY wedding, and don’t have a wedding planner supporting you throughout and the day of your wedding.  I made it out alive and married to the man of my dreams.  No more complaints here, just a lot of lessons learned to get to this day!

To all my DIY brides, shoot me a message I definitely have some helpful tips that can help you on your special day! I’ll write another post all about my negotiation tips and how I saved a few thousand dollars on my wedding day.

I’d love to hear from recently newlywed brides, and any tips you may have or even frustrations!

Thanks so much for reading!



  1. Lorena says

    😍😍😍😍 soooo sweet !! Well said 😘

    1. A wifepreneur says

      Thanks loli! <3

  2. monica says

    hey I’m doing my DIY wedding and wanted to Get some tips from you and yes I sometimes want to scream and yell and all !!!

    1. A wifepreneur says

      Hey Monica! Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to help you out. Send me an email at awifepreneur@gmail.com so we can chat! What stages are you in for the wedding planning and when is the big day?? Talk soon!

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